Complying with U.S. export regulations is no easy task. If you are the person in your organization who’s responsible for handling export compliance issues and ensuring successful compliance, there’s a lot riding on your shoulders. Failure to achieve compliance could put your organization at unnecessary risk of financial penalties, and non-compliance can also result in substantial loss of time, money and effort.

Where export compliance is concerned, you simply cannot leave anything to chance.

That’s where export compliance training – and particularly export compliance certification – come into play. Sure, you can find a wealth of information on the internet; but are you able to determine the correct jurisdiction and classification for your products, technologies, services and/or data? Are you aware of the proper steps to follow to decide if a license is required? And do you know all the pitfalls to avoid along the way?

At the Export Compliance Training Institute, we think it makes good sense to align with an established and widely acclaimed export compliance training partner who can guide you step by step toward compliance success. We’ve built our entire business around this model by offering industry-leading e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars and a catalog of 80-plus on-demand webinars. Equally important, we also offer the industry’s premier Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program.

Export Compliance Certification – Recognition for Your Expertise and Development of Professional Credentials

With ECTI seminars, you have always been able to document your participation in our courses. Additionally, you can opt to take the Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program test at course completion to demonstrate mastery of the concepts.

Why Pursue Export Compliance Certification?

For one, certification under ECTI’s ECoP program reinforces in your own mind that you understand the information and steps necessary to pursue export compliance on behalf of your business. Knowledge is power, but confidence reinforces knowledge and can motivate you to deepen your export compliance skill set. Additionally, by taking and passing the certification test(s), you demonstrate to your employer and colleagues that you have mastered the content and now possess the skills necessary to perform your expert compliance duties.

Certification under the ECoP program also provides a systematic framework for a continuing education plan and documentation of your current export regulation mastery. By getting certified, you’ll really benefit over time from all of ECTI’s e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars and on-demand webinars. After all, you could drill deep into a narrow export compliance subject; but if you aren’t rock-solid on the basics, you may not be able to apply your learnings constructively.

The benefits don’t stop there. By pursuing certification, you’ll be better equipped to minimize compliance risk for your company, and you’ll help yourself move more quickly along your career path and demonstrate evidence of your skills on your résumé. Employers want export control practitioners who can readily demonstrate their expertise. A recognized certification is a great way to do that.

Finally, once certified under ECoP, tuition for live seminars, e-seminars and webinars taken for certification renewal is 20% off regular tuition prices.

How ECTI Export Compliance Certification Works

Step One – Get Educated

Undertaking the process of export compliance certification with ECTI is simple and straightforward. First, choose the course (or courses) you wish to pursue, then take that course. There are three courses we offer (as in-person seminars, e-seminars or both):

  • EAR/OFAC Export Controls
  • ITAR Defense Trade Controls
  • University Export Controls

Step Two – Get Certified

ECTI’s Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program consists of two certifications:

  • ECoP® EAR, covering Export Administration Regulations (EAR) export controls
  • ECoP® ITAR, covering International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) export controls

Upon completion of your course (or courses), ECTI will provide you with access to the ECoP® test. This test is an online, application-style, open-book test. You may use your seminar manual, the regulations and any other resources you find helpful. The only restriction is that you cannot ask another person for assistance; you must complete the test on your own.

Each test (EAR and ITAR) consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You have 60 days to complete the test after it has been provided to you. You must receive a score of 85% correct or greater in order to be certified.

Step Three: Keep Current and Renew Regularly

ECoP certification is valid for a period of two years from the certification date. Certification is renewed based on the completion of four credits per ECoP certification (EAR or ITAR) prior to the certification dates. To view available credit options, click here.

We hope this article highlights the many benefits of pursuing export compliance under ECTI’s Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program. As we said earlier, export compliance is a complex and detailed undertaking. Your company’s investments rely on achieving 100% compliance with all applicable export regulations and controls. That said, it is absolutely achievable—you can do it, provided you take the necessary time up front to align with an established and widely acclaimed export compliance training partner who can guide you step by step toward compliance success.

Contact the Export Compliance Training Institute

Do you have questions about ITAR compliance training, EAR compliance training or other export compliance challenges? Visit to learn about our company, our faculty, our staff and our esteemed Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program. To find upcoming e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars and browse our catalog of 80-plus on-demand webinars, visit our ECTI Academy. You can also call the Export Compliance Training Institute at 540-433-3977 for more information.

Scott Gearity is President of ECTI, Inc.

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