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The Export Compliance Training Institute, Inc. (ECTI, Inc.) provides comprehensive training programs on the reformed EAR, ITAR, and OFAC regulations for industry, government, and universities/research institutions.  We also offer an expansive library of trade compliance webinars which explore more narrowly focused areas of international trade.  International seminars for overseas companies cover the US regulations from a non-US perspective.  When time out of the office isn’t possible, e-Seminars offer comprehensive training electronically on your schedule.

ECTI’s excellent instructors are professionals with a range of experience in both the regulations and their implementation.
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ECoP® Certification

Get Recognition for Your Expertise and Build Your Professional Credentials.

The Export Compliance Training Institute (ECTI) has established a solid reputation as the world leader in US Export Compliance training programs. With ECTI’s seminars, you have always been able to document your participation in our courses — in addition, you can also opt to take the Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification test at course completion, to certify your mastery of the concepts.

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Dynamic, comprehensive training on compliance with reformed EAR, ITAR & OFAC regulations.


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Comprehensive, electronic training on EAR, ITAR & OFAC regulations on YOUR time at YOUR location.

Our monthly e-Newsletter, The Export Control Update, offers readers concise and plain English analyses of updates to US export/trade control regulations and policies and other export compliance news.
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“Quite possibly the best and most informative training I’ve attended in my 33 years in aerospace.”

Jim Snover

Zodiac Aerospace

“This course was very organized, detailed and I enjoyed the instructors. I would highly recommend ECTI for anyone looking for an informative training certification program.”

Kristy Dimier

Regulus Global

“Great training for both novice and intermediate level compliance professionals. Precise and spot-on focus on the regulations without too much information overload. My repeat attendance!”

Mohamed Fairoz

UTC Aerospace Systems

“Export Compliance Training Institute continues to outshine others by delivering outstanding seminar trainings with knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors, Scott Gearity and John Black.  They have the special skill to draw the attention of all the attendees by covering the important aspects of export controls in a rhythmic flow.  Thank you for providing us with highly interactive presentations with real examples.  This is why we continue to come back to your training every 18 months.”

Alex Yoshiwawa

Esterline Power Systems / Leach

“This was my first experience with ECTI, but it will not be my last.  I’ve taken many similar courses over the years, and this was the best.   Marc and Scott are both excellent, and their experience in industry makes the course material more accessible and easy to understand.  I highly recommend Marc, Scott and ECTI for coursework, both for new and seasoned practitioners.”

William Gregory

Utilisat, Inc.

“I still say that the 4-Day ECTI seminar is the best “one-stop-shop” for compliance training!!! It’s great for the rookies out there (brand new to the field), and also for folks such as me, who have been in the field for a while.  I always learn something new when I come.  I also like the opportunity to discuss current issues at my job with John.  His insights are always valuable!!  I love that you guys have included an e-manual now.  That will be a BIG help for me!!!  When an issue arises, I routinely go to the hard copy manual, and start thumbing through it.  Now, with the e-manual, I can do a quick .pdf search.”

Richard Fisher

Eaton Aerospace Group

“Best course of instruction and best instructors in the export compliance training industry!”

Harry Brown

Harris Corporation