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ECoP® Certification from the Leader in Export Compliance Training

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Get Recognition for Your Expertise and Build Your Professional Credentials.

The Export Compliance Training Institute (ECTI) has established a solid reputation as the world leader in US Export Compliance training programs. With ECTI’s seminars, you have always been able to document your participation in our courses — in addition, you can opt to take the Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification test at course completion, to certify your mastery of the concepts.

By taking and passing the certification test(s), you can demonstrate to your employer and colleagues that you have mastered the content and that you have the skills necessary to perform your export compliance duties.


This certification benefits you and your company by:

  • Demonstrating your achievement in the solid knowledge and application know-how of export compliance regulations
  • Providing a systematic framework for a continuing education plan and documentation of your current export regulation mastery
  • Creating less compliance risk for your company
  • Helping you to move more quickly along your career path and providing evidence of your skills on your résumé

Available Certifications:

  • ECoP® EAR (EAR Export Controls)
  • ECoP® ITAR (ITAR Export Controls)

How the ECoP® Certification works

How should I depict my certification on my business card, signature, etc.?