As the pandemic begins to subside and our work lives return to “normal,” attending a live, in-person export compliance training seminar has definite attraction. After months of working from home or limiting interaction to family and close friends, getting away from work and home for a few days to focus on acquiring new knowledge and skills is appealing.

Export compliance professionals who have endured hours or days of online training sessions or self-study will immediately appreciate the difference of attending our Export Compliance Training Institute (ECTI) live, in-person seminars. Our sessions are known for dynamic and engaging expert export compliance instructors, the logical organization of the content they present and the practical approach we take to export controls and compliance subject matter.

In addition to offering an opportunity to brush up on your rusty social skills, our live, in-person training offers unique advantages over other forms of training that may not be immediately evident.

Personal Interaction with Instructors

Although some degree of one-on-one interaction is available through online sessions, participants at live seminars often find that the combination of class discussion and questions with informal conversations at breaks, lunch and before and after class all enhance the learning experience.

Our instructors make a point of being available to answer questions and follow up on issues raised in class that may be unique to a participant’s business, industry, or even transaction. They are attuned to the pace of learning in the classroom and can adjust as needed if participants seem slow to grasp the subject matter, or appear eager explore a topic in more detail. Our instructors also find that the questions and issues raised by participants help them keep the seminar content fresh and relevant.

Improved Focus

One pitfall of remote working is that many people find it difficult to stay focused for hours while working online. While working from home this past year, many professionals have juggled family and work commitments, both of which can be distracting. Those attending online sessions from the office often are drawn into multitasking as they respond to urgent email, text messages and co-workers, all of which prevent them from giving their undivided attention to training content.

Participants at our in-person International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) seminars find that they absorb more information and comprehend concepts better when they attend a live training seminar. The dynamic of everyone in a room focusing on the content being presented is very powerful. Participants are more alert and engaged when they realize that they are expected to play an active role as learners. Scheduled breaks enable participants to get up and move around, which boosts energy and aids in retention.

In-session Case Studies and Exercises

It’s always more interesting to participate with others on a case study or class exercise than going it alone. Having the opportunity to break into small groups to work through scenarios facilitates more meaningful discussion and improves learning and retention. Participants can suggest solutions based on their past experiences and help others craft new solutions to shared challenges.

Group Training with Company Peers

Many companies send groups of employees to attend live, in-person seminars together. This often helps employees bond more closely with their co-workers for improved teamwork. It also enables participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their co-workers’ roles and responsibilities for export controls and compliance at their companies. In addition, supervisors often find that they gain a better understanding and appreciation for the complexity of their employees’ responsibilities for export compliance at their companies. When the whole team trains together in the same room, learning about the regulations quickly becomes hands-on problem solving for the organization.

Exposure to Different Industries and Concerns

Live, in-person training affords participants the opportunity to learn about issues and concerns in related industries that may impact their own company’s export policies and controls. Some attendees find that other industries are grappling with new issues that could impact their company or industry in the future, and the discussions around these issues provide valuable insight and observations.

Networking Opportunities with Outside Peers

Meeting outside peers at live seminars gives participants the chance to build professional relationships beyond their own companies. ECTI seminars attract learners from major companies, government agencies, and other organizations. Attendees often meet their direct counterparts at other companies – including at customers and vendors — and naturally fall into discussions about common issues and concerns. These relationships can continue to grow over time as they share information or bounce ideas and questions among their contacts. In-person training enables attendees to meet hiring managers who may be instrumental in providing new career opportunities while they build their expertise and gain new credentials.

Broader Perspective of U.S. Export Controls and Compliance

Participants usually come to our live seminars thinking they have a clear idea of their work responsibilities related to export controls and compliance at their particular company. As they participate in our live seminars, our instructors help them realize just how broad and complex the U.S. export controls system is. Many attendees not only gain specific knowledge related to their duties and responsibilities, but they come away with the ability to begin to identify potential risks that were not previously identified. Discussions with instructors and peers serve to reinforce this new knowledge and awareness. This broadened perspective on the export compliance system is often cited as one of the most valuable takeaways of live, in-person training.

Safety and Health Protocols Followed for Live Seminars

ECTI is committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees. We closely follow CDC guidelines and adhere to safety and health protocols as issued by states and municipalities where we hold live seminars. These protocols may include mask-wearing, social distancing, frequent disinfection and limited room capacities to promote the health and safety of our valued participants. All attendees are required to follow our event safety protocols to protect themselves and other participants.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and follow CDC guidelines as they change. Be assured that we are committed to meet or exceed applicable guidelines or requirements to ensure the safety of all our attendees and speakers.

Contact the Export Compliance Training Institute

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Scott Gearity is President of ECTI, Inc.