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By: Danielle Hatch

Andy Lloyd Huebschmann, the former owner of Thureon Defense LLC in Wisconsin, has agreed to plead guilty for his part of a scheme that shipped illegal guns to a weapons dealer in Australia.

Thureon Defense LLC was licensed to manufacture and deal guns in the United States. Huebschmann met Paul Munro of Australia at a Las Vegas gun trade show around 2012, at that show, Munro convinced Huebschmann to ship him Thureon guns to Australia. In order to get the guns into Australia, Munro created a shipping crate with a secret compartment where the guns and rifle parts would be hidden. Munro would then have the crate delivered to Thureon’s office where Huebschmann would pack it with rifle kits with parts for semi-automatic or fully automatic triggers, frames and slides and ship it to Munro in Australia. To no surprise, Huebschmann did not obtain an export license for the shipments that spanned between 2013 and 2016.

By 2015, Munro realized that Australian law enforcement was on to him and asked Huebschmann to start manufacturing the guns without serial numbers. In 2016, Australian law enforcement recovered a Huebschmann-manufactured fully automatic machine gun that was used in a high-profile robbery. Not long after Munro was arrested after trying to sell guns to an undercover officer. Munro has been sentenced to 10 years in Australian prison for his role in the 3-year scheme.

Huebschmann faces 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine for violating the Arms Export Control Act, his next court hearing is set for August 5, 2019.

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