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Specially Designed: Increase Your Accuracy and Decrease Burdensome Controls

(2 Part Webinar)

Practice Makes Perfect – A Two-Part Webinar that Combines Hands-On Exercises, Discussions, and Instruction.   VIEW EXERCISES

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It’s Not New, and It’s Still Not Easy:  Mastering the ITAR and EAR Definition

Accurately applying the definition “specially designed” is no longer a new challenge, but it still remains a critical element in correctly determining how the US Munitions List (USML) and Commerce Control List (CCL) control the items you export. This webinar series will use hands-on exercises and questions and answers to enhance your skill and accuracy at applying specially designed when you select your critical export classification.

In this series of two webinars we will give the participants some exercises to work on prior to both webinars. During the webinars we will use a combination of instruction and discussion of the exercises for a “practice makes perfect” approach to learning how to apply the definition “specially designed.” In addition, participants will be sent written answer sheets that will explain the step-by-step regulatory analysis to apply to each question.

Even if you have been using specially designed for several years, it is a complex definition with many nuances that can have a dramatic impact on your export classifications—and that means it has a dramatic impact on the level of export restrictions applicable to what you export. The good news about specially designed is, when applied accurately, it can often end up reducing the restrictions on your exports, resulting in increasing your bottom line on export sales.

Unfortunately, some of the benefits that “specially designed” gives to your exports may be counter intuitive, if not downright illogical. Did you know that you could design a part uniquely for a bomb, have it used only in a bomb, but it still may not be controlled as specially designed for a bomb? In fact, that part could be classified as EAR99 and eligible for export as No License Required to nearly all countries. There is nothing better than hands-on exercises and practical discussion to get past the hurdles in the definition.

The EAR and ITAR definitions work in a similar fashion even though they are used in different control lists.  Our exercises and discussion will look at both variants of specially designed in a manner that will benefit both EAR and ITAR exporters.

In addition to the exercises, the instruction will cover these points:

  • The “catch and release” approach in “specially designed”
  • The across the board decontrol of certain things such as fasteners, springs, grommets, etc.
  • The decontrol of single use military items because they are not “specially designed”
  • The decontrol of items with similar, but not identical, form and fit as lesser controlled items
  • The decontrol of items intended for use in highly controlled items and lesser controlled items
  • The (b)(2) release “sliding board” that moves many former highly controlled ITAR parts to EAR99 status

John Black will use his 33+ years’ experience to craft instructive hands-on exercises intended to give you a chance to work through some real-life exercises that will help you hone your skills and increase your confidence in your ability to apply accurately the definition of specially designed.

These webinars will provide PowerPoint slides and include video and commentary from John, who has worked with a wide range of companies to study and apply “specially designed” and has already conducted well over 20 training sessions on this critical term.

Two Webinar Series: Unlike most ECTI webinars, this training consists of two webinars so as to maximize the benefits of using hands-on exercises and discussions.

Computer Requirements:

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Webinar Details


September 14 & 28, 2017


3 hours
Each webinar is 1.5 hours



1 Participant: $295.00
2-5 Participants: $221.25 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $147.50 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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