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In the Beginning…An Introduction to Israel’s Dual-Use and Defense Export Control System

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This webinar is intended to help companies that have operations, affiliates, subsidiaries, customers, suppliers, employees, or facilities in Israel to better understand Israel’s export control system. Israel has a complex export control system that requires companies to navigate a unique export classification system and a multitude of disparate laws and regulations. If you are currently (or hoping to be) doing business in any potentially controlled commodity sector in or with Israel, this webinar will provide you with the practical information necessary to determine whether your commodities are subject to Israel’s dual-use and defense export controls and then allow you to initiate the license application process.

This webinar will be especially valuable to enterprises that need to:

  • Determine whether Israel’s legal/regulatory system presents undue costs or risks to business operations involving dual-use and defense-related goods and technologies;
  • Audit their Israel operations and subsidiaries to meet “local compliance” needs and requirements;
  • Classify their controlled commodities in accordance with Israel’s classification nomenclature system;
  • Shift operations and export dual-use or defense items out of Israel to a new overseas location;
  • Conduct (or plan to conduct) R&D activities in Israel or transfer controlled technology into, within, or out of Israel;
  • Source technology or components from Israel or export equipment or finished goods out of the country;
  • “Localize” existing internal compliance programs to adhere to Israel’s legal-regulatory requirements and procedures;
  • Understand how Israel’s export control system compares to and differs from those of the United States (U.S.) and European Union (EU).

This webinar is designed to provide the following:

  • Review of the Israel export control system, including applicable legal authorities and relevant licensing bodies;
  • Insight into the composition, organization, scope and structure of Israel’s numerous control lists and their relationship to various national licensing authorities;
  • An understanding of Israel’s sanctions and embargoes program and restrictions on specified end-users and export destinations;
  • Practical tips for determining whether your products are subject to Israel’s export controls and for maintaining the proper classifications of your products against the multiple Israeli national control lists, as well as a summary of recent updates to those lists and how they compare to the U.S. and EU control lists in terms of composition, structure, and item coding;
  • Outline of the dual-use and defense license application process (license types, submission process, registration and documentation, decision-making and processing, terms and conditions, appeals, reporting and recordkeeping);
  • Overview of licensing exemptions, including recent changes made to Israel’s defense marketing and export license requirements;
  • Summary of trade compliance and enforcement measures in Israel and the potential penalties for acts of noncompliance;
  • Contact information and resources to assist company efforts to apply for a license or classify commodities in Israel, including URLs and links to all export control lists and legal authorities covered in the webinar.

In addition, the webinar will address other issues, such as:

  • Conducting intangible transfers of controlled technology from, to, or within Israel (including a discussion of Israel’s “deemed” export controls on transfers of “defense know-how” and Israeli encryption controls) and possible implications for your business;
  • The implications of the key export control-related developments in Israel in 2017 and insights into forthcoming changes to the defense export licensing process in Israel.

This webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Ryan Cathie who has worked with industry, nongovernmental organizations, and foreign governments on a variety of trade control matters throughout the world. 

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December 5, 2017


1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session



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