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Export Controls in 60 Minutes for Tech Start-Ups and Their Funders Two-Part Webinar Series

This two-part webinar series is designed for technology start-ups and other privately held smaller companies, their funders, and legal advisors.

The program is designed to quickly explain the most important aspects of US export, employment, and investment laws with the most impact on companies that may:

  • Hire non-US persons, including those on student and other temporary visas
  • Have non-US person founders or board members
  • Be potential targets for acquisition
  • Be seeking funds from investors that may represent foreign principals
  • Be Venture Capital investors in emerging technologies

The US Government national security and law enforcement communities have created programs to investigate and limit activities involving hiring and investments within the emerging technology space. Emerging technologies include: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Microprocessor development and production, Advanced Computing, Data Analytics, and Quantum Technologies. The hiring of non-US persons may require export licenses and equity investments from non-US persons may require governmental review. The goal of this webinar series is to educate and empower organizations that may face these issues and mitigate the impact on business operations.

Part One:

  • The basics: how to know if a company’s technology is considered sensitive and subject to US export controls
  • Assessing risk and establishing compliance policies to commensurate with that risk
  • Understanding what government approvals might be needed and establishing a strategy to obtain them
  • Establishing a baseline export control policy as a best practice and competitive advantage
  • Handling Due Diligence requests
  • Worst case scenarios and penalties for non-compliance
  • Case studies

Part Two:

  • How “Deemed Export” rules apply to US Visa requirements for non-US engineers
  • Implications of moving away from the protections of “fundamental research”
  • Obtaining funding from foreign sources: foreign investment restrictions overview
  • Managing visa requirements for foreign national employees and foreign visitors
  • Strategic planning for the hiring of foreign nationals
  • Transitioning student visas to H1-B, and other visa types
  • Case studies

This webinar series will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Felice Laird who is a leading export compliance auditor and educator. Sophie Alcorn, a leading business immigration lawyer in Silicon Valley, will join Felice Laird as a special guest during the series as well.

Webinar participants are invited to submit questions during the webinars; the final 30 minutes of the webinars will be allotted to answering attendees’ questions. Each registrant will receive a copy of the presentations, a certificate of completion, and access to the webinar recordings. Register even if you cannot attend both webinars; we will send you access to the webinar recordings along with a copy of the presentations!

Computer Requirements:

Please read the Webinar Terms and Conditions before you register.

Webinar Details

Date & Time

Part 1:
Recorded February 13, 2020

Part 2:

February 27, 2020
1:00 PM EST

Length of Each Webinar

1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session



1 Participant: $350.00
2-5 Participants: $262.50 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $175.00 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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CES: 3

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