Export Controls 101: Starting at the Beginning

Understanding the 1000+ pages of US export control regulations isn’t easy—you don’t want to just sit down and start reading the rules. What you need is someone to explain the basics to you because you need to know what the rules say and mean before you start reading them. This webinar has just what you need.

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Not a day goes by without news of economic sanctions and the consequences of not paying attention to trade laws.  This webinar is designed to provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build your knowledge and expertise. This live webinar will give people brand new to export controls a jump start towards accurately understanding and learning the complex and voluminous US export control rules, regulations, and procedures.

People new to export controls need to know which activities other than traditional exports are regulated. Knowing what factors can cause an export license to be required before proceeding is essential in this field, as well as knowing the three key US Government agencies and their respective export regulations that could apply to your business.  Felice Laird, who has 30 years’ experience in training on US export controls, will give you all of that and more.  Participants will also have time to ask her live questions during the webinar.

Specific topics to be covered:

  • What are export controls?
  • What are trade sanctions?
  • Why does the US have export controls?
  • What business activities do export controls restrict?
  • What is an export license?
  • What are the seven things that cause me to have to get an export license?
  • How do export controls differ from customs regulations?
  • What government agencies cover what types of exports?
  • Swimming in Alphabet Soup: BIS, DDTC, OFAC, EAR, ITAR, CCL—what are these?
  • What can happen if rules are broken?
  • How do you determine what compliance procedures are appropriate for a company or other organization?
  • Where do you go for more training, including seminars and independent learning?

Webinar participants are invited to submit questions during the webinar. The final 30 minutes of the webinar will be allotted to answering attendees’ questions. Each registrant will receive a copy of the presentation, certificate of completion, and access to the webinar recording.

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Webinar Details:

Recorded June 19, 2018
Length 1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session
Cost $150 per person
Multi-Viewer Discounts Available
ECoP® EAR or ITAR renewal credits: 1
Event #: 13127
CES: 1.5
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