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Export Compliance Essentials for Shipping

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Shipping personnel should be key players on your export compliance team. Give them the essential knowledge necessary to be valuable, informed — and willing — participants in your export compliance program.

Export compliance requirements under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) create burdens for shipping and compliance professionals. It’s very easy to become frustrated with export rules and regulations because they are illogical and often do not make sense. Unfortunately, noncompliance can cause hefty fines, lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, denial of export privileges, and even prison sentences, so it is important for all facets of business (especially the crucial shipping department) to understand the key issues in order to make compliance part of their daily routine. Shipping personnel who understand export compliance are an invaluable resource to their company’s compliance program.

The objective of this webinar is to show shipping staff why export compliance is important. We will cover the topics that are specifically related to their positions in order for them, and your organization, to be more successful. We will provide them with the tools to maximize business opportunities while still staying compliant. Participants will not only learn how to live with export compliance, but also how to play a key role in an organization’s export compliance program.

Our topics will include:

  • Why export controls are important to US national security and foreign policy objectives
  • Why export violations can be crippling to an exporter
  • Export control basics shipping personnel should know
  • The Automated Export System (AES) in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)
  • Who is responsible for AES filings?
  • Which shipments require AES?
  • Are some shipments exempt from AES?
  • What shipping documents are required under the ITAR and the EAR?
  • Commercial invoices and export controls
  • Special rules for EAR 600-Series (military) shipments

This webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Scott Gearity, who brings over 15 years of consulting, training, and corporate export compliance program management experience to bear for his clients.

“It was a very helpful and informative webinar in which it touches base on the different shipping methods and forms one has to file in order to comply with shipping regulations. It cleared up questions I had in regards to shipping to some countries and the type of things one is able to ship to them.”
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Webinar Details


August 9, 2018


1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session


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2-5 Participants: $112.50 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $75.00 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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