Export Compliance Essentials for Engineers

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Engineers should be key players on your export compliance team. Give your engineers the essential knowledge necessary to be valuable, informed — and willing — participants in your export compliance.

Export compliance requirements create burdens for engineers and compliance professionals. It’s very easy to become frustrated with export rules and regulations because they are illogical and often do not make sense. Unfortunately, non-compliance can cause hefty fines, denial of export privileges and prison sentences, so it is important for all facets of business (especially engineering), to understand the key issues in order to make compliance part of their daily routine. Engineers who understand export compliance are an invaluable resource to their company’s compliance program.

The objective of this webinar is to show engineers why export compliance is important. We will cover the topics that are specifically related to their positions in order for them, and your organization, to be more successful.  We will provide them with the tools to maximize efficiency while still staying compliant.  Engineers will not only learn how to live with export compliance, but also how to play a key role in an organization’s export compliance program.

Our topics will include:

  • Why export controls are important to US national security
  • Why export violations can be crippling to an exporter
  • Releasing technical data to foreign persons, plus electronic, oral and visual exports
  • What information is controlled as technical data/technology and what is not
  • How to Know the Classification of Technical Data, Software, Hardware, or Materials
  • Using example classifications to show how the US Munitions List and Commerce Control List impose controls
  • How to do export classifications for parts, components and semi-finished items
  • How to do export classifications for technology and software source code and object code
  • Issues for improving (“contaminating”) foreign technology  with US value added content
  • Avoiding unknowing contamination of EAR technology with ITAR technical data
  • Business benefits of integrating export compliance into product development, production, and service
  • Why using common sense and short cuts not based on the written rules is risky.
  • Avoiding short cuts that are not based on the written rules
  • Practical tips for dealing with other US and non-US entities

John Black has been providing export compliance training to engineers throughout his 32 year career in export controls. He will explain why compliance is important to US national security and why non-compliance creates big business risks. In this webinar, he will provide a significant amount of targeted information to benefit engineers and the export compliance programs of their organizations.   The training materials, along with access to the recorded webinar for a period of one year, will be made available to all viewers to use as an excellent, and ongoing, resource.

The intent of this webinar is to help your company’s engineers function well and confidently inside your export compliance program. It is not our objective to make them experts on export controls — such as  understanding the many complexities of the term “specially designed”—  in a 90 minute webinar.  Further training and practice is required for that level of expertise. They will, however, leave the training with invaluable, detailed information specific to their engineering responsibilities that will make them valuable, key players in your company’s ongoing compliance efforts.

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Recorded Apr 12, 2016
Length 1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session
Cost $150 per person
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CES: 1.5
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