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Executive Briefing on Export Controls

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All executives know that successful compliance is critical to their companies. However, they may not fully understand the risks and business challenges that export controls create for their companies. If they don’t know the business issues, they cannot make informed decisions about what resources, personnel and commitment are appropriate to mitigate risks and ensure that effective export compliance becomes a business advantage.

ECTI’s Executive Briefing on Export Controls will give senior management just what they need to know—no more and no less—so that they may take export compliance issues into account as a part of business strategy, operations, and risk management.  Every export compliance expert knows export controls are more than export shipment paperwork rules.  Every business needs to make sure its management understands the big picture issues too.

Export compliance risks, time delays and compliance burdens can be managed. Top US companies, universities and organizations use their effective US export control compliance as a business advantage.  Make sure your management understands export controls business issues, challenges and risks so you can compete with the best of the best.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What are export controls?
  • Which government agencies issue rules affecting exports?
  • What business activities do export controls restrict?
  • What is an export license?
  • What are the seven things that cause me to have to get an export license?
  • How to conduct a meaningful risk assessment based on industry and international activities?
  • What are the penalties for non-compliance?
  • How can your US and foreign affiliate’s violations create risks for you?
  • What factors influence the outcome of enforcement cases?
  • What do you do when you have your inevitable violations?
  • Why are foreign partners concerned about US rules and their impact outside the US?
  • How do US rules impact foreign procurement, outsourcing and distribution?
  • What successor liability and other issues are there for M&A activities?

Now is your company’s chance to get its top leaders to attend a one hour, live executive export control webinar presented by Felice Laird, who has over 30 years’ experience as an export control expert and training expert.

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Webinar Details


Jun 17, 2014


1 hour
Comprised of 45 minutes of commentary and 15 minute Q&A session


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1 Participant: $150.00
2-5 Participants: $112.50 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $75.00 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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