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Empowered Officials: Who They Are and What They Need to Know

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Are you an empowered official? Did your boss ask you to become one? Need to prepare for the role? Want to know what it really means? If so, this is the webinar for you.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) use the term “empowered official” in some very specific ways. Despite that, it’s a frequently misunderstood role, even by some people currently in it. In this webinar, we will discuss what it means to be an empowered official and what the ITAR requires of those in the role. We will also review the essential information which the ITAR mandates all empowered officials know.

Topics will include:

  • Who is eligible to be an empowered official
  • What empowered officials need to know about the law, regulations, and penalties
  • The essential responsibilities of an empowered official
  • The important tasks which only an empowered official can do
  • Ins and outs of certification requirements
  • How and when to notify DDTC of empowered officials

This webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Scott Gearity, who brings over 15 years of consulting, training, and corporate export compliance program management experience to bear for his clients.

Scott does a very good job of explaining the nuances of the position of empowered official. Everything from the type of person in your company who could be the EO, to how many you might consider having to what they are “empowered” to do. He covered much more than I expected, detailed where to find the references in the ITAR and answered questions clearly.
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January 30, 2019


1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session



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