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EAR Technology Classifications: Learning By Doing

Practice Makes Perfect—A Two-Part Webinar that Combines Hands-On Exercises, Discussions, and Instruction.

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Getting your Export Administration Regulations (EAR) export classifications right is clearly one of the most important aspects of an export compliance program.  While few people have claimed that classifying hardware and software is easy, most practitioners agree that classifying technology is much more difficult.  Combine the increasing enforcement of export controls on technology with the increasing frequency of these exports and you clearly see that finding the correct technology ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) is more important than ever.  Deemed exports, also included in these technology exports, add an additional layer of complexity.

In this series of two webinars we will give the participants some technology classification exercises to work on prior to both webinars.  During the webinars we will use a combination of instruction and discussion of the exercises for a “practice makes perfect” approach to learning how to classify technology in the EAR.

In addition to the exercises, the instruction will cover these points:

  • Using the new Export Control Reform Order of Review rules
  • Knowing how to avoid the mistakes the Order of Review rules can cause you to make
  • Looking at standard and non-standard ECCNs
  • Finding ECCNs that impose strict controls on technology for uncontrolled products
  • Understanding the dramatic differences in controls on maintenance and repair information based on the related product
  • Finding the sometimes thin line between controlled and uncontrolled technical data/technology
  • Understanding “Publicly Available”
  • Setting up your team to classify technical data, technology and software
  • Considering compliant and streamlined approaches to classifications
  • Implementing common sense internal procedures for classifications
  • Choosing practical and effective tools for making classifications easier and more accurate

This combination of hands-on exercises, expert instruction, and participation in real-time question and answer sessions will be a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of classifications. Knowing how to do classifications correctly will give you confidence in your compliance and reduce the risks associated with misclassifying technical data, technology and software.

John Black has worked with many organizations in a wide range of technology and product areas to help classify their technical data, technology and software in his 32 years as an export compliance expert.  In these webinars he will use his experience and expertise to show you the critical elements of determining the proper ECCN. He will highlight key areas of the CCL and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) that you may have never noticed, even though they may play a decisive role in determining the ECCN for your technical data, technology and software.

These webinars will provide PowerPoint slides and notes, and include video and commentary from John Black, who has been working in the export controls industry for over 30 years.

Two Webinar Series: Unlike most ECTI webinars, this training consists of two webinars so as to maximize the benefits of using hands-on exercises and discussions.

Prerequisite: Participants should understand fundamental EAR issues and have at least basic familiarity with EAR classifications.

Computer Requirements:

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Webinar Details


June 7 & 14, 2017


3 hours
Each webinar is 1.5 hours


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1 Participant: $295.00
2-5 Participants: $221.25 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $147.50 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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“John Black does an excellent job of imparting a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge in a very short period of time.”
Laura Newman, Mitutoyo America Corporation
Attendee of previous CCL Classifications: Technology and Software Webinar