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DIY Encryption Classification 2019 Edition

All registrants recieve an encryption classification questionnaire!

Upon purchase, an email will be sent that provides a link to view the webinar recording, a copy of the presentation, and a certificate of completion. Access to view the webinar recording will be available for one year from the purchase date.

Back by popular demand…we are offering a webinar on creating your own encryption questionnaires to use to classify your products. Participants will receive an encryption classification questionnaire reflecting all 2018 changes from the instructor, Felice Laird, and will be guided through the template and coached on how to customize it for companies in different industries. We will work through case studies involving products classified as EAR99, 5×992 and 5×002. We’ll also have a sneak peek at changes that may be coming later in 2019.

This webinar is designed for people who have a good working knowledge of the basics of product classification and the encryption regulations, or have attended previous ECTI encryption webinars.


  • Quick overview of encryption ECCNs
  • Classification and documentation requirements
  • Tips for working with engineers
  • Walk through a sample classification template
  • Tips for creating a customized template for your organization
  • Case studies: mass-market items, 740.17 (B)(1), (B)(2) and (B)(3) products, “cryptographic activation”, products excluded from 5A002.a1-a4.

Our DIY Encryption Classification Webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Felice Laird who is a leading expert on US encryption export controls and has 30 years’ experience in training on US export controls.

“I was a little worried that an hour and a half would drag, but Ms. Laird’s demeanor is excellent and engaging. She clearly is an expert in the field, yet came across like one of my favorite helpful colleagues.”
If you are, like most people, encryption classification for exporting is a challenge. The DIY Encryption Training course takes the fear out of classifying your encryption products. The course is presented in easy to understand language so being an IT engineer is not required. The primary take away from the course is you feel confident that the encryption products you are self-classifying are classified correctly.
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Webinar Details


March 12, 2019


1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session


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1 Participant: $150.00
2-5 Participants: $112.50 each
(25% discount for all participants)
6 or more Participants: $75.00 each
(50% discount for all participants)

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CES: 1.5

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