Bringing Export Compliance into the New Century: A Roadmap for a Modern Export Compliance Program

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There is a wealth of information on “WHY” companies must build a compliance program, but a lack of practical instruction on “HOW TO” build a solid compliance program to effectively prevent compliance lapses in today’s digital world. This webinar will present an updated paradigm and framework for modern export control compliance programs that are risk-appropriate, business integrated, and in tune with today’s digital world. We will describe and present this framework and how businesses of all sizes can implement this framework in a manner that is appropriate to their export compliance risk.

Our process-based approach emphasizes program integration and technology for your compliance program to stay on pace with the speed of your business. Webinar attendees will take away a framework and concrete guidance on how to build a solid export compliance program that is tailored to their companies.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Overview
  2. Summary of past & current guidance on compliance programs
  3. Nunn-Wolfowitz Summary
    • Overview of DOJ, State and Commerce guidance on compliance programs
    • What does compliance in the digital age look like?  How is it different?
  4. A framework for a modern export compliance program
    • Key elements
    • Critical tools
  5. Customize your program
    • Know your risks – self assessment
    • Tailor to your risks
    • Implementation sequencing
  6. Building a compliance program with limited resources
    • Keep calm & pace yourself
    • Leveraging data and tools
  7. Always keep improving

Who Should Attend: Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance Counsel, Compliance Managers, Compliance Professionals

The webinar will be presented through PowerPoint slides and will include live video and commentary from Waqas Shahid and Rosanne Giambalvo of Ankura Consulting. Waqas Shahid is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group. He has over 13 years of multi-disciplinary compliance and technology experience, including counseling companies on international trade compliance matters, conducting internal investigations, handling data privacy and security matters, and designing and deploying process automation solutions. Rosanne Giambalvo is a Senior Director at Ankura Consulting. She has over 20 years of professional experience, including three years in international trade compliance and over 15 years in financial services. Ms. Giambalvo works with her clients to operationalize trade compliance through the development of international trade compliance policies and procedures, system and process enhancements, and training.

Webinar participants are invited to submit questions during the webinar and the final 30 minutes will be allotted to answering attendees’ questions.

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Webinar Details:

Recorded Sep 12, 2017
Length 1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session
Cost $150 per person
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Event #: 12382
CES: 1.5
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