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“ACE Reports for Exports” – The Government’s Watching Your Data, Are You?

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Perhaps you have heard about the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). Maybe you use it daily to file Electronic Export Information (EEI) in the Automated Export System (AES), or maybe your freight forwarders do this for you. Maybe you still struggle to understand all the acronyms the government throws at exporters! Regardless of where you are as an exporter in the spectrum above, this webinar has something for you. From explaining the alphabet soup to designing automated reports hand delivered to your inbox every morning, “ACE Reports for Exports” will be a step-by-step training session to build, automate, and use ACE reports.

This webinar is designed for anyone wanting to know more about their export data. It will help exporters leverage the countless uses of the powerful ACE report tool. Reports can be used for audits, duty drawback, metrics tracking, reviewing routed shipments, troubleshooting, identifying unauthorized filers, checking ECCN against destination, and much more! If you want to strengthen your export compliance program and you are not using ACE reports, this webinar is for you!

Remember: BIS, State Department, Census, and any other government agency can and will be data mining your EEI for errors and violations. ACE reports can help you find errors and correct them before the government does.

This webinar will cover:

  • A brief review of the ACE environment
  • Thorough step-by-step training to create reports in ACE
  • An introduction to the standard “canned” reports and how to use them
  • A walk-through on modifying the standard reports to suit your needs
  • Building a report from scratch using “Ad Hoc” reports
  • The meaning of the “Universe” (according to ACE) and how to know what Universe you should be in
  • How to access your reports after the hard work of building them is complete
  • Review of the benefits for automating reports
  • Step-by-Step walk-through on creating an automated report
  • Step-by-Step walk-through on date-based recurring reports
  • Explanation of the “Date Objects” and how they can be used

Who should attend: Anyone in the trade community with an ACE account will benefit from this webinar. ACE is designed to be the hub in the wheel of trade data, and its reporting function is used by exporters, importers, filers, and the USPPI.

This webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Jonathan Young who served as a military intelligence analyst before transitioning to an export compliance career in a corporate environment managing AES filings, export classification, and due diligence screening. Jonathan discovered early on that just understanding the juicy technical details is not enough, but communicating it to others is just as, if not more, important. He has trained groups ranging in size from one specialist to crowds of hundreds. Jonathan also has experience publishing documents, methods, and regulations used by the United States Air Force and Nissan North America.

5 stars

“The webinar was very informative. I am now able to create reports much easier and the PPT presentation is a very good reference guide for future reporting needs. Thank you for taking the time to create such a webinar…it’s awesome!”
Attendee of this webinar
“The Ace Reports for Exports presentation was one of the most useful webinars I’ve attended. The speaker provided step-by-step instructions for running various reports, and outlined scenarios where the reports could be used to enhance compliance and business operations. The time it took to attend was well spent.”
Attendee of this webinar

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Webinar Details


July 24, 2018


1 hour 30 minutes
Comprised of 1 hour of commentary and 30 minute Q&A session


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