A New Definition of “Export”… and That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Forget what you know (or what you think you know) because both the State and Commerce Departments are introducing new definitions of "export," "release," "reexport," "access information," "technology," “required," "foreign person," "proscribed person," "published," results of "fundamental research," "transfer," and "transfer (in-country).”

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When is an export an “export”? This may seem like a simple question, and maybe you have the answer, but neither the ITAR nor the EAR has ever made it all that easy. Forget what you know (or what you think you know) because both the State and Commerce Departments are introducing new definitions of “export”.

The revised definitions of “export” are the centerpiece of the new rules slated to come into effect September 1, 2016. And “export” is just the beginning. DDTC is also altering the definitions of “reexport” and “retransfer,” and adding a definition of “release”. BIS is revising even more definitions, going well beyond the basics, and altering other important aspects of the EAR.

Altogether, the new regulations total thirty pages in the Federal Register. You should read every one of them.

Whether you need a summary of the new rules, or an analysis of how they could impact your organization, ECTI has you covered. We’ve poured over the regulations to bring you what you need to know and understand. Our program will include these subjects:

  • Revised ITAR and EAR definitions of “export”
  • New or revised ITAR definitions of “release,” “reexport,” and “retransfer”
  • What DDTC was widely expected to change, but did not change, with this rule
  • New or revised EAR definitions of “access information,” “technology,” “required,” “foreign person,” “proscribed person,” “published,” results of “fundamental research,” “reexport,” “release,” “transfer,” and “transfer (in-country)”
  • How the most important revised definitions contrast with the previous versions
  • Changes to how the ITAR handles dual and third country nationals and determines the nationality of foreign persons
  • The restructuring of exclusions from the EAR (including information posted to the internet)
  • Activities which are not subject to the EAR (including certain transmissions of encrypted technology and software)
  • A dedicated period to address your questions

This webinar will provide PowerPoint slides and include live video and commentary from Scott Gearity, who has been bringing over 15 years of consulting, training and corporate export compliance program management experience to bear for his clients. Webinar participants are invited to submit questions during the webinar; the final 30 minutes of the webinar will be allotted to answering attendees’ questions.

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