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ITAR Controls & EAR/OFAC Export Controls

Seminar Series for Non-US Companies

US Export Controls (EAR, ITAR & OFAC) as they apply to companies physically located outside of the United States. This includes non-US companies as well as parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates of US companies.

United States trade control laws and regulations impact companies that use or resell US-origin products, components, or technology. The US Government can impose serious penalties for US and non-US companies that fail to comply with the extra-territorial US rules to include monetary fines, a loss of US Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any US items. Recent Export Control Reform (ECR) changes have made it even more important for non-US companies to stay up-to-date on the regulations. These seminars offer practical explanations and advice on what the rules are and how they impact companies outside the United States. Expect to leave these seminars with an in-depth understanding of what you need to do to keep your company compliant. Our instructors are widely respected experts in the field of export compliance with over 30 years of experience in interpreting and applying the rules. You will learn:

  • How recently reformed US export rules impact a wide range of transactions outside the US
  • How the US enforces these export regulations on non-US companies
  • Practical methods of complying with US and local export regulations

IMPORTANT: In each location the ITAR Seminar will run the first two days, and the EAR/OFAC Seminar will run the last two days.



ITAR Controls on Non-US Transactions

Learn the ins and outs of compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and get practical advice on adapting to ECR (Export Control Reform) changes.  Specially designed for companies physically located outside of the United States.

Topics include:

  • Overview of US Defense Trade Controls
  • ITAR Controlled Items & Activities
  • License, Exemption, ­and Agreements Requirements
  • Supporting US Exporters Licensing Efforts
  • Technical Data Considerations
  • Dual Nationals and Third Country Nationals
  • Sublicensing of ITAR Technical Data
  • Brokering and ­Political Contributions, Fees and ­Commissions
  • Returning Defense Items to the US
  • Agreements Guidelines Requirements
  • Updated with Current US Export Control Reform Changes

EAR/OFAC Controls on Non-US Transactions

A hands-on approach to complying with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), including export controls, antiboycott regulations, and Treasury Department trade embargoes (OFAC). Specially designed for companies not physically located in the United States.

Topics include:

  • Persons and Items Subject to US Jurisdiction
  • US De Minimis Content Calculation
  • Export Classification, NLR, and ­License Exception Determination
  • Denied Party, Red Flag, and ­Proliferation Screening
  • China Military Catch All Rule
  • Technical Data Reexports and Deemed Reexports, Third Country Nationals
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Regulations and EAR Special Country Controls
    • Iran, Cuba, ­Sudan, Syria, Iraq, North Korea
  • US Antiboycott Regulations
  • Export Enforcement and Compliance Programs
  • Updated with Current US Export Control Reform Changes

Where can I attend
this series?

MAY 11-14, 2020

SEP 14-17, 2020

OCT 12-15, 2020