EAR/OFAC Export Controls Agenda (Fall 2017)

Where can I attend this seminar?

Day 1*

8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Program

Day 2*

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Program

Day 1*

8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Program

Introduction to the EAR

  • US Export Control Policy & Primary Regulations (ITAR/EAR/OFAC)
  • Roadmap to Parts of the EAR

EAR Controlled Activities

  • Controlled Items/Activities: Commodities, Software, Technology, Technical Data
  • Exports, Reexports & In-country Transfers
  • Non-US Origin Items Produced with US Origin Content or Technical Data
  • Deemed Exports to Foreign Nationals
  • Other Export Control Regulated Activities

Jurisdiction & Classifications with Exercises Workshop 

  • Jurisdiction: ITAR vs. EAR; Which Agency Has Authority?
  • How To Classify an Item: Determining and Reading the ECCN
  • Main Components of the CCL:  EAR 99, 600-Series, Non-600-Series
  • Order of Review:  ECCN Classification
  • “Specially Designed” Definition, Exclusions & Implications
  • Requesting an Official Classification

Technology & Software Classifications with Exercises Workshop 

  • Determining ECCN for Technology & Software
  • Definition of “Export” for Technology and Software
  • Items Not Subject to the EAR; “Publicly Available”
  • Fundamental Research / Educational Information / Patent Applications

No License Required (NLR) with Exercises Workshop

  • NLR Determination
  • Commerce Country Chart and Catch-All Control Analysis

License Exceptions with Exercises Workshop 

  • ECCN-based License Exceptions (STA, GBS, CIV, LVS, ENC)
  • Situation-based License Exceptions (RPL, TMP, GOV)
  • Restrictions on License Exceptions
  • License Exceptions Issues for 600-Series and 9X515
  • Technical Data & Software License Exceptions (TSU, TSR, ENC, TMP, CIV)
  • Wassenaar Reporting

End-Use & End-User Controls with Exercises Workshop

  • Prohibited Parties / Embargoed Countries / Proliferation Activities
  • Military End-Use/User (China, Russia, Venezuela)
  • Red Flags, EAR General Prohibitions & Antiboycott

Day 2*

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Program

License Applications

  • When and How to Make a License Application to BIS
  • Special Support Documents & Requirements
  • SNAP-R / Electronic Filing / License Review Process

Export Clearance

  • Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) & Automated Export System (AES)
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule & Schedule B
  • Export Documents  & Shipping
  • Special Requirements for 600-Series and 9X515
  • Destination Control Statements
  • Customs & Border Protection

Compliance Programs

  • Effective Compliance Plans & EMCP Core Elements (BIS)
  • Resources: Where Can I Go for Help?
  • Export Compliance Transaction Checklists & Automation
  • Developing a Classification Matrix
  • Areas of Frequent Compliance Breakdown

Export Control Reform (ECR) & Recent Developments

  • Understanding the New Approach to US Munitions List Categories
  • The Most Recent USML to CCL List Shifts
  • Existing License/Agreement Transition Rules
  • Changes to Important EAR Definitions & Regulations
  • Recent OFAC Updates:  CAATSA Act, Cuba Sanctions
  • Wassenaar & Missile Technology Control Regime Changes

Reexports: When Do US Rules Apply Outside of the US?

  • General Guidelines & Who is Responsible for Reexport Compliance
  • Special Rules for 600-Series and 9X515 US Content
  • Foreign-made Items Incorporating US Parts or Technology

US Embargo Controls

  • Embargoed Country Destinations
    • Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Crimea
  • Evolving Controls on Russia
  • Transactions Subject to Embargo Controls

EAR Export Enforcement

  • Enforcement Fines, Penalties & Case Studies
  • Subpoenas, Investigations & Voluntary Self Disclosures
  • Preventing and Coping with Violations

*Timing and order of presentations subject to change