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Oleg Tishchenko, a Russian citizen, has been indicted on five counts of attempted smuggling of goods and conspiracy to commit an offence against the US. In June of 2011 Tishchenko was bidding on a series of F-16 A/B air defense fighter manuals on eBay, the seller did not offer international shipping so Tishchenko went on a digital combat simulator online forum looking for help with shipping.

Kenneth Edward Sullivan was a forum member and agreed to help with the shipping issue. After Tishchenko won the eBay auction, he changed his shipping address to Sullivan’s Texas address where the fighter jet manuals were ultimately sent. Sullivan shipped the manuals to Tishchenko in Moscow but not long after doing so he posted a comment in the forum that he was concerned that he had violated the law by shipping them to Russia.

Between January 2012 and September 2015, Tishchenko repeatedly sold the manuals on DVD to individuals in Cyprus, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Germany and Taiwan.

Tishchenko is currently being held in custody in a jail in Utah and charges against his accomplice, Kenneth Sullivan have been dropped.

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