Ryan Lynch Cathie

Co-founder and the Managing Director of Products & Innovation – SECURUS

Ryan Lynch Cathie is a SECURUS co-founder and the Managing Director of Products & Innovation. Mr. Cathie has worked with industry, nongovernmental organizations, and foreign governments on a variety of trade control matters throughout the world. He has assisted in the review, enhancement, and audit of internal compliance programs (ICP) at both multinational corporations and SMEs. In addition, Mr. Cathie has provided on-site export control training, as well as analytical services and customized electronic compliance tools for a range of companies. He has also worked with numerous national governments to provide guidance, support, and training for both government and industry officials. His regional expertise is in the Middle East and North Africa, an area that Mr. Cathie has studied extensively and in which he has worked with several governments. Mr. Cathie is currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany, State University of New York. He completed his graduate work at the School for Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.