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Rita L. McCabe

Rita McCabe held the position of Empowered Official and Export Manager at BAE Systems where she was responsible for creating unclassified and classified export authorizations through collaboration with the Department of State, Department of Defense and other government agencies. She often coordinated with the Security department to ensure proper steps were taken to export sensitive information and hardware.

She helped to streamline export compliance training programs and create new processes and procedures to ensure not only the employees had a working knowledge of compliance but also the contracted guard agency employees. Rita also led international trade compliance reviews, audits and assessments across multiple functions and business areas.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in International Trade Compliance Management from Dunlap University and Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer®. Rita has lived in her home town of Pelham, NH her entire life and currently resides there with her husband, Mark and youngest daughter. Together they have four children. They also own Sub Zero Ice Cream, which makes its ice cream with liquid nitrogen! She utilizes her love of teaching to train school children about the science of liquid nitrogen and various other science principles through a STEM enrichment program.