John Armonda

International Trade, Export Controls & Foreign Operations Specialist – Trade & Export Control Solutions, LLC

Mr. Armonda currently offers advisory and project management services for a variety of companies engaged in foreign sourcing, shared production facilities, direct exports, utilization of non-US engineering services, Free Trade Agreement compliance, export & import government audits, 3rd party program assessments and DDTC registration and licensing management. Having worked for over 24 years in global operations in the US and Mexico (Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Tijuana), Mr. Armonda has a deep breadth of understanding for the regulatory requirements, internal process deployment and cultural challenges that plague most companies.

Mr. Armonda has held the position of Corporate Global Trade Manager for Eaton Corporation responsible for the Aerospace and Hydraulics business units and all ITAR approvals for over nine years. Also, he has held for five-year position as International Trade Manager and Empowered Official for Kappler Inc., a manufacturer of the most advanced line of industrial, medical, first responder, and military chemical protective apparel and fabrics available to the world market, with production in the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Tunisia.

He has served as:

  • Associate Director of the Van Andel Global Trade Center at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan;
  • Director of the Illinois Trade Office’s NAFTA Opportunity Center at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois; and
  • Started his career in a grassroots effort for the passage of NAFTA as the International Market Research Associate at the International Trade Center at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, from which he also received a degree in Economics and International Business.

Mr. Armonda is a nationally recognized resource on the issues associated with global trade and logistics, especially as it relates to the NAFTA, Technology Controls and Export Controls. He is a frequent speaker, advisor and trainer for companies dealing with global expansion issues and undergoing government scrutiny for import or export actions. He is truly a global individual as he was born in Mexico, educated in the United States and is married to a Russian wife.  Mr. Armonda has gained considerable experience in understanding foreign cultures, alternative view points and is fluent in both spoken and written English and Spanish.

John Armonda