By: Danielle Hatch

Behrooz Behroozian, 64, of Columbus, Ohio has been sentenced to spend nearly 2 years in prison for illegally exporting gas and oil pipeline parts to Iran. Behroozian was born in Iran in 1955 and came to the United Sates in 1976 where he became a naturalized citizen in 1987.

Behroozian owned and operated a computer parts company, Comtech International, out of Dublin, Ohio. The company had no store front or domestic sales and very rarely exported any computer parts. Comtech mostly exported manifolds, valves and connectors used for industrial pipelines for the gas and oil industry to a UAE company, Sumar Industrial Equipment. Sumar Industrial Equipment worked with Behroozian as an intermediary company to conceal his illegal shipments which were in violation of US trade embargoes and sanctions. Behroozian profited about $35,000 a year from the illegal exports for nearly a decade.

“For over a decade, Behrooz Behroozian repeatedly violated export control laws and aided Iranian entities in procuring controlled components that have both commercial and military uses in deliberate violation of a U.S. embargo and trade sanctions.  With this sentence, he will be held accountable for circumventing critical U.S. laws designed to protect our national security interests,” said Acting Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Douglas R. Hassebrock.

Justice Department Memo: