By: Brooke Driver

In response to the situation in Venezuela, specifically the government’s “erosion of human rights guarantees, persecution of political opponents, curtailment of press freedoms, use of violence and human rights violations and abuses in response to antigovernment protestors,” President Obama has declared a national emergency and blocked the U.S. property of any person the State determines as “complicit in, or responsible for ordering, controlling” or otherwise contributing to the turmoil in Venezuela. The president also included an annex listing specific Venezuelan nationals to be included in this order:

  1. Antonio José Benavides Torres [Commander of the Central Integral Strategic Defense Region of the National Armed Forces, former Director of Operations for the National Guard; born June 13, 1961]
  2. Gustavo Enrique González López [Director General of the National Intelligence Service and President of the Strategic Center of Security and Protection of the Homeland; born November 2, 1960]
  3. Justo José Noguera Pietri [President of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana, former General Commander of the National Guard; born March 15, 1961]
  4. Katherine Nayarith Haringhton Padron [National Level Prosecutor of the 20th District Office of the Public Ministry; born December 5, 1971]
  5. Manuel Eduardo Pérez Urdaneta [Director of the National Police; born May 26, 1962]
  6. Manuel Gregorio Bernal Mart[iacute]nez [Chief of the 31st Armored Brigade of Caracas, former Director General of the National Intelligence Service; born July 12, 1965]
  7. Miguel Alcides Vivas Landino [Inspector General of the National Armed Forces, former Commander of the Andes Integral Strategic Defense Region of the National Armed Forces; born July 8, 1961]