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By: Danielle Hatch

Japan is working on creating a more stringent monitoring system for its universities to use in hopes of mitigating any leaks of US sensitive technology to China. Many universities in Japan have received advanced technologies that are controlled by Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) through research partnerships with companies and institutes around the world. This has created a risk for Japanese institutions over the last few years as the growing threat of Chinese hacking groups who are looking to steal the technology.

Last year BIS announced a move towards stronger controls on emerging and foundational technologies that would affect several Japanese universities. The stricter controls would cover a long list of fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing. These technologies are used both commercially and, in the military, which makes them a national security concern should they end up in enemy hands.

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is working on a revised set of guidelines for universities to use related to dealing with sensitive technology under the country’s Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. The goal is to bring Japan in line with US export control policies.

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