By: Danielle McClellan

On September 14, 2012 GLS Solutions, Inc. of Aventura, Florida exported a $28,335 FLIR 440 High Performance Infrared Camera to Venezuela. The camera is classified under ECCN 6A003.b.4 and is controlled for National Security and Regional Stability reasons. GLS knew that a license was required to export the camera but continued to export it without obtaining a license. GLS has been assessed a penalty of $50,000 for one violation of “Acting with Knowledge of a Violation.” $32,500 of the penalty will be suspended for one year and eventually waived if GLS does not commit and further violations within the one year probationary period.

Gregorio L. Salazar, owner and president of GLS Solutions, was aware of the violation; however, in his initial disclosure letter to BIS regarding the illegal export of the camera he stated he was, “not aware that this camera required approval from United States Government in order to be shipped to Venezuela.” Nearly 6 months later, during a follow-up interview with a BIS Special Agent, Salazar admitted that he knew the licensing requirement for the FLIR camera prior to exporting it to Venezuela and explained that a FLIR Systems, Inc. representative informed him prior to the export that a license was required.  In addition to the penalty on the company, Salazar will pay $50,000 for one charge of providing, “False or Misleading Statement(s) in a Disclosure to BIS.” BIS did not suspend any of Salazar’s fine.

GLS Solutions Charging Letter
Gregorio L. Salazar Charging Letter