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U.S. Export Controls for Non-U.S. Companies – Understanding Key Issues and Avoiding Common Mistakes

U.S. regulatory agencies can and do impose serious penalties for U.S. and non-U.S. companies that fail to comply with highly extraterritorial U.S. rules. These include monetary fines, a loss of U.S government contracts and/or a complete ban from receiving any U.S. items. The recent pace of changes to U.S. export control and sanctions measures have made it even more important for non-U.S. companies to stay up-to-date on the regulations.

Export Compliance for Defense Contractors and Subcontractors – Key Considerations

Businesses that seek to sell goods or services to the U.S. Department of Defense or foreign governments – i.e., defense contractors and subcontractors – know this reality all too well. After all, U.S. export controls are as voluminous as they are complex. Some controls even defy common sense—yet they are the rules and must be followed. Consequently, defense contractors and subcontractors often feel overwhelmed by a litany of issues.

Export Compliance Awareness Training for Businesses – Helping Everyone Avoid Costly Mistakes

It takes more than just one or two trained associates for a business to truly succeed in complying with the complex assortment of U.S. export controls. Rather, personnel across the organization – from the C-suite to operations, shipping and logistics, engineering and more – should be equipped with enough export compliance knowledge to identify potential issues or violations within their particular scope of activity before they become costly problems.