Exporting tangible items, software, technical data and services that your organization produces can be a lucrative endeavor these days—and a key competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. The problem is, complying with U.S. export controls is a complex undertaking—and nothing, not even the smallest detail, can be left to chance.

If export controls compliance is your responsibility, and you need to get smart about it, where should you begin? Well, the Export Compliance Training Institute (ECTI) was established for just that purpose—helping individuals in companies, governments and universities/institutions understand the basics of complying with U.S. export controls, dig deeper to gain valuable insights in an array of special interest areas and forge step-by-step pathways to export compliance with guidance from the industry’s top experts.

There’s an old saying: “The goal of education is understanding; the goal of training is performance.” As the leading export controls compliance training partner, we’ve learned a lot through the years about what it takes to succeed in helping people understand export controls and achieve compliance. So when it comes to aligning with a partner to help you in this area, we urge you to consider five essential qualities that truly separate the best:

  • An exceptional breadth and depth of export compliance training topics. Your training partner should be equipped to help you in all facets of export controls compliance. While it’s essential to learn the basics and understand all the fundamentals, it’s likely you’ll need additional training on industries and issues specific to your organization. At ECTI, we provide it all—from awareness and comprehensive export controls training to more advanced topics that drill deep into export regulations and help you comply with the toughest export challenges.
  • Unsurpassed faculty expertise and experience. As we’ve said before, compliance with export controls is no easy task, so the instructors who teach you export compliance should truly be experts—not only in terms of the technical ins and outs, but from years of experience in the field. At ECTI, each faculty member brings a range of experience in export regulations and their implementation to the table. This gives you tremendous peace of mind knowing that you’re learning what you need to know—and learning it from the best in the business.
  • A proven approach to export controls training that truly works for you. The ECTI approach toward export controls compliance was carefully designed to facilitate success. What does that mean? First and foremost, our teachings are highly practical. We approach export compliance as a business problem that needs to be solved. We help you think logically through issues that oftentimes are quite complex. Essentially, we’re here to help you understand what the rules are and how to comply with them in a way that is minimally disruptive to your organization—and to avoid the negative consequences that result from non-compliance (e.g., disruptions to your business, lost customers, penalties, losing your ability to export). We also offer our customers a variety of helpful resources, including flowcharts, checklists, step-by-step procedures and more. In fact, when you sign up for a webinar, you have access to it for an entire year, so you’ll be able to download its contents through our user-friendly ECTI Academy. Finally, we emphasize the human element of training. We’re people working with people, so our e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars, while absolutely informative and educational, are underpinned by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The experience of export compliance training should be an enjoyable and motivating experience—we promote that in everything we do.
  • Availability of export compliance training mechanisms. We understand you’re busy and have lots of demands on your time. That said, anyone who seeks training on compliance with export controls places a high priority on that training. To give you the widest array of training options, ECTI offers industry-leading e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars and a catalog of 80-plus on-demand webinars. Want to purchase the right training for a group of 5, 50, 500 or 5,000 colleagues, online or in-person? We do that, too. Whatever your schedule dictates, ECTI has you covered.
  • Export compliance certification to demonstrate your know-how and advance your career. With ECTI seminars, you have always been able to document your participation in our courses. Additionally, you can opt to take the Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) certification program test at course completion to demonstrate mastery of the concepts.

Why pursue export compliance certification? For one, certification under ECTI’s ECoP program reinforces in your own mind that you understand the information and steps necessary to pursue export compliance on behalf of your business. Knowledge is power, but confidence reinforces knowledge and can motivate you to deepen your export compliance skill set. Additionally, by taking and passing the certification test(s), you demonstrate to your employer and colleagues that you have mastered the content and now possess the skills necessary to perform your expert compliance duties.

Certification under the ECoP program also provides a systematic framework for a continuing education plan and documentation of your current export regulation mastery. By getting certified, you’ll really benefit over time from all of ECTI’s e-seminars, live seminars and live webinars and on-demand webinars. After all, you could drill deep into a narrow export compliance subject; but if you aren’t rock-solid on the basics, you may not be able to apply your learnings constructively.

The benefits don’t stop there. By pursuing certification, you’ll be better equipped to minimize compliance risk for your company, and you’ll help yourself move more quickly along your career path and demonstrate evidence of your skills on your résumé. Employers want export control practitioners who can readily demonstrate their expertise. A recognized certification is a great way to do that.

For more on ECoP certification, read our recent blog.

We hope this article helps you understand what distinguishes a truly exceptional export controls compliance partner. Again, export compliance is a complex and detailed undertaking. Your company’s investments rely on achieving 100% compliance with all applicable export regulations and controls. That said, it is absolutely achievable—you can do it, provided you take the necessary time up front to align with an established and widely acclaimed export compliance training partner who can guide you step by step toward compliance success.

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Scott Gearity is President of ECTI, Inc.