e-Seminar Reviews

“John and his team do an outstanding job in the e-Seminars of presenting export and trade controls material in a way that is both informative and entertaining. The seminars are well structured, and seeing and hearing the instructors speaking to the slides on my monitor made me feel like I was attending one of their live seminars….and the best part is I could stop and restart the seminars whenever I wanted! I would strongly recommend the e-Seminar approach for anyone who has been involved or is just starting to get involved in export compliance and who wants to attend a training seminar but does not want to incur costly travel expenses. e-Seminars are an excellent alternative to attending in person.”
Michael S. Meleshenko, Export Compliance Officer, Belcan Corporation
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars (2014)

“I was really pleased with the structure of the e-seminars.  I didn’t know what to expect but they are really good.”
Amanda White, BAE Systems
Attendee of Non-US ITAR e-Seminar (2016)

“We all know the ITAR/EAR is nothing simple to understand. I went into this training not knowing anything. After I did my training, I had a better understanding of what the ITAR/EAR was all about. You will definitely learn from this training.”
Amanda Verona, Export Compliance Specialist at Fieldtech Avionics and Instruments, Inc.
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars (2014)

“This was an engaging e-Seminar; the presenters took what could be a dry topic and held my interest. I appreciated the convenience of being able to watch it at my own pace, according to my own schedule.”
Attendee of US EAR e-Seminar (2013)

“Export Compliance Training Institute provides great expertise in the trade compliance field…Keep up the good work! We are very happy with your services.”
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars

“I thoroughly enjoyed the e-Seminar and will be looking forward to more advanced courses in the future.”
Wendy M. Epley, Business Support Specialist at Honeywell Aerospace
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars (2011)

“Excellent Presentations!”
Attendee of US ITAR e-Seminar

“ECTI’s e-Seminars provide a significant cost savings compared to an in-person seminar, particularly one that necessitates travel. The recordings are well made, and the speakers are engaging and knowledgeable. The format allows for flexibility, as it is broken up into small sections that can be stopped and started as needed to fit into a busy schedule. Printable materials are also included, allowing for easy reference. I found my order to be an excellent value.”
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars (2013)

“Excellent e-Seminar. Very well structured. Makes it really easy to target the gaps to be filled and review them in a short time and in an effective way.”
L.D. Rajola Pescarini, Head of Company Security at Thales Alenia Space Italia
Attendee of US EAR & ITAR e-Seminars (2009)

“This e-Seminar can be rated with the 3 “Cs”: Clear, Concise, Complete.”
Attendee of US ITAR e-Seminar (2012)

“The consequence of taking this training as an e-Seminar was invaluable and the content was very detailed.”
Attendee of US Export Controls e-Seminar 2009