ITAR US Defense Trade Controls e-Seminar (for Non-US Companies)


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ITAR Overview

  • Control Concepts
  • Controlled Activities
  • United States Munitions List
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
  • Reexports and Transfers
  • US Defense Articles
  • Technical Data
  • Defense Services
  • Prohibited Countries and Nationals
  • Enforcement

ITAR Approvals

  • Licenses
  • Agreements
    • TAA’s, MLA’s and DA’s
    • Licensees and Sublicensees
    • Dual and Third Country Nationals
    • NDA Requirements
  • Supporting US Licensing Efforts
    •    License Support Documents
    •    Information to Provide US Partners

ITAR License Free Activities

  • NATO Exemption
  • Public Domain and Basic Marketing Information


  • Extra-Territorial Application
  • Brokering Registration
  • Prior Approvals
  • Reporting

Political, Contributions Fees
and Commissions

Returning Defense Articles to the US

  • Temporary Import Licenses
  • Temporary Import Exemption
  • Notifying US Partners of Shipments

ITAR Ramifications on Non-US Business

  • Defense Articles Restrictions
  • Retransfer Approval Requirements
  • Technical Data Controls
  • Control Procedures

Compliance Programs