Company-wide Trade Compliance Awareness Training

Every company is different and so are their trade controls training needs.

In general, most facilities need a relatively small number of experts who will be trained on a regular and ongoing basis on the comprehensive elements of US export regulations. These are the individuals who are responsible for export controls in your company; they are the empowered officials and persons who apply for licenses on the company’s behalf. Training for these experts should involve a comprehensive training course annually to stay current and updated with the changing rules. For these individuals we offer our EAR Export Controls and ITAR Defense Trade Controls live seminars and e-Seminars. These seminars provide both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with an in-depth education on export control regulations administered by the US Departments of State, Commerce & Treasury.

The next step in training is company-wide awareness training. The actions of your employees can have a great impact on the effectiveness of your company’s compliance program – positive or negative. Employees in departments such as human resources, purchasing, accounting, engineering, sales, marketing, shipping, customer service and many other areas could inadvertently cause the company to violate US export controls without even knowing it. With some basic, brief awareness training, we can provide your employees with enough understanding of US export controls that they can recognize potential issues and avoid careless violations before they occur.

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