ECTI ECoP® Certification Terms & Conditions

ECTI Certified Export Compliance Professional

In addition to our general ECTI Terms of Use, please note the following ECoP®-specific Terms and Conditions. 

1. You must first participate in an ECTI comprehensive training course via either a live seminar or an e-seminar to qualify for Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) Certification.

2. After you complete the training course, the ECoP® test will be accessible to you within ECTI Academy. You will have 60 days from your training course completion to submit the test. 

3. The ECoP® test is open-book style meaning you can use any resource available to you, other than another person. You must complete the test on your own. You may not consult with, or receive assistance from, any other person. To answer the questions you may use seminar manuals, regulations, internet, or other resources other than a person.

4. You must get 85% or more of the questions correct to pass the test.

5. The test results will be available to you immediately following completion of the test. 

6. You will have two opportunities with each testing fee to pass the test. If you fail twice, an additional testing fee will be required to test again.

7. It is your responsibility to read each question carefully and thoroughly. Many of the questions require a great deal of thought and analysis. Because the regulations are complicated and real life situations may be complex, some of the questions are complicated and complex. As you know, the answer to a question may hinge on one word. Some of the questions are intentionally difficult to give you a chance to demonstrate your expertise and ability to research, analyze, and understand the regulations.

8. You must read each question and answer choice literally. The questions and answer choices include enough details for you to choose the correct answer for each question. You will find the details in the answer choices are key to knowing the correct answer to a specific question. Generally speaking, we cannot provide you with additional facts or guidance to help with answering questions. If you have specific issues with a particular question which you feel makes that item impossible to answer, you may alert us by emailing a short description of your question to

9. Certification Period: Your ECoP® certification is valid for 2 years from the pass date.  

10. You must renew your certification before it expires. In the event that your ECoP® certification expires you must attend a relevant ECTI course and retake the test.

11. Due to privacy and legality reasons we cannot release any information regarding tests to anyone other than the test taker, or assigned company administrator(s) in the ECTI Academy, unless written notice is provided to ECTI from the test taker, authorizing specific persons access to their information.

12. Click here to view renewal options.