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NEI / NCBFAA Educational Institute Approved Webinars


The following webinars have been approved for continuing education credits by the NEI / NCBFAA Educational Institute for their CES (Certified Export Specialist) or CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Programs.

Submit proof of attendance such as a certificate, copy of your registration confirmation or letter/email from the event organizer to

A Deep Dive into AES
Event Number: 13348
CES Points: 1.5
A Practical Guide to AES Filing
Event Number: 13349
CES Points: 1.5
A Practical Guide to Screening
Event Number: 13746
CES Points: 1.5
Advanced Encryption Classification: Learning By Doing
Event Number: 12666
CES Points: 1.5
Cornerstones of ITAR Compliance: Licenses & Agreements
Event Number: 13625
CES Points: 1.5
Deciphering Deemed Exports
Event Number: 13888
CES/MES Points: 1.5
DIY Encryption Classification 2019 Edition
Event Number: 13627
CES Points: 1.5
Encryption Export Controls 2019 Edition
Event Number: 13887
CES/MES Points: 1.5
Export Compliance Essentials for Engineers
Event Number: 11182
CES Points: 1.5
Export Compliance Essentials for Sales and Marketing
Event Number: 12907
CES Points: 1.5
Export Compliance Essentials for Shipping
Event #:
CES Points: 1.5
Export Compliance Essentials for the Aerospace Industry
Event Number: 13364
CES Points: 1.5
Export Controls 101: Starting at the Beginning
Event Number: 13127
CES Points: 1.5
Exporting to the US and Foreign Governments
Event Number: 13942
CES Points: 1.5
Exporting Under the NAFTA
Event Number: 13146
CES Points: 1.5
Harmonized System Classifications: Learning By Doing
Event Number:
12325/123251 Part 1
12326/123261 Part 2
CES Points: 1.5 each
How to Improve Export Compliance with Effective Audits
Event Number: 13664
CES Points: 1.5


Understanding the ITAR and EAR Order of Review
Event Number: 13890/138901
CCS/CES/MES Points: 1.5
Update on All U.S. Tariffs
Event Number: 13891/138911
CCS/CES/MES Points: 1.5
US Export Controls Awareness Training In Spanish
Event Number: 10906
CES Points: 1.5