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ECTI ECoP® Certifications

ECTI Certified Export Compliance Professional™

ECTI Certified Export Compliance Professional-EAR (EAR Export Controls)
ECTI Certified Export Compliance Professional-ITAR (ITAR Defense Trade Controls)

How the ECoP® Certification works:

1. Take one (or more) of the following courses:

The fee to take an Export Compliance Professional (ECoP®) Certification Test is $100.

2. The ECoP® test is emailed to you after completion of the course.

The test is an application-style, open book test. You may use your seminar manual, the regulations and any other resources you may find helpful. The only restriction is that you cannot ask another person for assistance. You must complete the test on your own.

You have 60 days to take the test after it has been emailed to you. Each test (EAR and ITAR) consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

You must receive a score of 85% correct or greater in order to be certified for the ECoP® test that you take. Terms and Conditions

3. Renewal

Certification is valid for a period of 2 years from certification date.

Certification is renewed based on the completion of 4 credits per ECoP® Certification (EAR or ITAR) prior to the certification expiration date. Click here to view available renewal credit options.

Tuition for live seminars, e-Seminars or webinars taken for Certification Renewal is at a 20% discount off of regular tuition price. This discount cannot be combined with any other available discounts. Renewal Details