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Export Compliance Manager Opening at Material and Contract Services


By: Brooke Driver

Source: Material and Contract Services, LLC (Southern California)

Material and Contract Services, LLC, the leading supply chain solutions provider has an excellent career opportunity for an Export Compliance Manager.   The defense contractor is located in Southern California and offers excellent benefit programs and outstanding opportunity to grow and expand.   The company is seeking individuals with 7 + years of career experience within the Traffic and Logistic field and current knowledge of export compliance and export/customs regulations and air and ocean freight.  Candidates must have access to data and technology that is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  Salary level up to $95K, DOE.

Job Description:

  • Lead and coordinate the administration of export licenses (e.g., DSP-5, DSP-73, DSP-61 and TAA) for the Department of State and Department of Commerce.
  • Identify export issues, develop solutions and provide guidance to management on resolving issues to support business objectives while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal policies.
  • Act as an Empowered Official regarding licensing and compliance issues.
  • Interface with internal management and employees of all levels, as well as external customers and regulatory officials.
  • Prepare international shipping documentation and coordinate shipments to foreign customers and international trade shows.
  • Develop and coordinate internal compliance training; conduct regulatory compliance audits and develop and maintain associated databases, reports and documentation.
  • Manage company compliance with regulatory and internal policy requirements relating to export licensing, exemption usage and recordkeeping.
  • Prepare requests for commodity jurisdictions and advisory opinions and general correspondence.
  • Ensure all products and parts are properly classified.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • Expert understanding of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and related processes.
  • Familiar with US Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and SNAP a plus.
  • Experience in dealing with entities such as embassies and consulates, and international brokers / freight forwarders.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to handle sensitive data.
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and work with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent computer skills, with MS Office Applications: Word, Excel, PP.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense security clearance.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Minimum ten (10) years of export administration experience with an aerospace firm, defense contractor or government entity.

Resumes to Dan P. Plute at or telephone 925-460-3971 if you have questions.


Equal Opportunity


By: Danielle McClellan

Bruce Leeds, Esq. has been named President of the “Women in International Trade-Los Angeles” for 2011.  Now you may be asking if this is a typo or some sort of oxymoron, well it’s not. The organization actually represents both men and women, but I have to wonder why they don’t just call themselves the “Men and Women in International Trade.”

Bruce says: “Although it may seem unusual that a male will be President of WIT-LA, it emphasized the point that the organization represents all the people involved in export-import trade and regulations. I look forward to working with a very talented board of directors of both genders and many different backgrounds, to create valuable programs that serve the trade community.”


New Certification Requirement in Immigration I-129 Form Begins February 20, 2011


By: John Black

As many of you know a new Form I-129 requirement forces companies requesting a work visa to certify that they do not have any technology that requires an export license for the potential employee, or that they either have an export license or procedures to prevent access to export license-required technology.

It is funny how many companies are getting so excited about the requirement to certify this.  The EAR and ITAR export licensing requirements have been in place forever.  If this certification requirement creates a problem for a company, I might guess that a company was not complying with the EAR and ITAR requirements related to releasing controlled technology to foreign national employees.  But, of course, it’s only a guess.  But, I would advise companies to be careful about complaining loudly about this certification requirement unless they know they have been doing a good job complying with the EAR and ITAR for their foreign national employees.

The temporarily good news is that the US Government announced that employers are not required to fill out Section 6 of the form (“Certification Regarding the Release of Controlled Technology or Technical Data to Foreign Persons in the United States”) until February 20, 2011.

Additional information available at:

New Work Visa Application Requirement Reminds Applicant Company of Export Control Requirements


By: Danielle McClellan

As of November 23, 2010 the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will now require all new employees of H-1B (professional), L-1 (intracompany transferee), and O-1 (extraordinary ability) non-immigrant foreign national workers to confirm that they have reviewed the EAR and the ITAR. They will also have to confirm that a license is not required from the Department of Commerce or the Department of State to release technology or technical data to them, meaning they must have some understanding of the regulations.

This new certification was created to put a dent in the number of violations of the “Deemed Export” rule. Employers have always been liable for export control violations. This new certification exposes the rule even more by forcing the applicant company to go on record. Deemed Exports can occur in a number of ways, anything from a foreign national employee accessing restricted technology through a company intranet to observing the technology while working in a manufacturing plant…the possibilities are endless.

This new visa application requirement reminds employers that they have to pay close attention to their controlled technology and be prepared to show why certain technologies are or are not subject to export controls in the event of an audit. Employers will now need to classify their own technology and technical data and also those generated by third parties. This means that employers may have to obtain export classification information from third parties or guidance from the government ruling…a very time consuming task.

Information available at:

Eric Hirschhorn Finally Gets BIS Under Secretary


By: John Black

Long time export compliance expert Eric Hirschhorn is now the Under Secretary of Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security.  Exporters should welcome this; Eric brings with him an extremely impressive resume and a recognized reputation as an experienced export compliance expert.  His appointment was delayed by Congress for reasons relatively unrelated to his competence.

Besides extensive experience as a trade control lawyer, he also served as the Executive Secretary of the Industry Coalition on Technology Transfer (ICOTT), an association that sought to influence US trade control rules and policies.  He also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Administration from 1980 to 1981.

It’s nice to see that President Obama has staffed the upper level of the Commerce Department with a solid team of leaders who have extensive export compliance experience.

Position Available



By: Danielle McClellan

VP, Export Compliance and Licensing – Moorpark, CA

This individual reports to the CEO of Custom Sensors and Technologies, Inc. (CST). This position drives CST export compliance strategy and tactics, and leads continuous process improvements.
US Citizenship is required – U.S. person as defined by 22 C.F.R. Part 120.14.

Please apply online at:

Get Subsidies for Your Export Compliance Training!



By: Danielle McClellan

Free Training… well not quite but close if you live in Ohio. The Ohio Investment in Training Program (OITP) supports companies who make investments in their facilities, equipment and training which will result in the creation and retention of jobs for Ohioans. The program provides direct financial support to employers for training; they will reimburse a portion of the instructor’s salaries, materials, travel and any other special needs.

OITP website expresses that, “Most types of training associated with an investment project are eligible.” The amount of money, in the form of a grant, will depend on the training activities, costs and whether or not, “a significant progress is made toward their job creation, retention, training and capital investment commitments of a project.”

I am unsure how many other states offer grants of this caliber but I can conclude that if they do, with the economy in its current state, this is an excellent time to find these types of programs and take advantage of them. Programs like these are great for companies of all sizes and I am interested to know if any other states offer such programs, feel free to contact us. We will share all of the information we learn about similar programs in other states.

And, of course, we hope you use these subsidies to hire us to do your training!

More information:

Paul-Tittle Search Group Job Opening



By: Danielle McClellan

Import/Export Compliance Manager

Our client is a $130M public company that provides software products and services to federal and commercial clients.  They have become the world market leader in commercial applications with successful installations on five continents and major operating units in Colorado, California, and France.  We are seeking a Manager of Import/Export Compliance to join their team who will be responsible for all aspects of compliance with import/export regulations.  While current headquarters are in Lanham, Maryland, the company will be moving to Columbia, Maryland in the coming months.

Position:  The Import/Export Compliance Manager plans, directs and oversees the corporate export compliance function in conjunction with all other organizational functions of the company.   This person will perform company-wide training and compliance assessments to ensure full compliance with all export control laws, regulations and policies. (more…)

Job Posting: Export Compliance Training Institute Recruiting Speakers



By: Danielle McClellan

The Export Compliance Training Institute is actively seeking speakers for our Export Compliance Seminars.

We are looking for professionals with in-depth knowledge of United States trade laws and regulations and demonstrated public speaking ability. Successful applicants will be both dynamic speakers and knowledgeable about the practical implications of the rules and how they impact companies’ compliance practices and procedures.

Interested persons should send cover letter, resume and anything else which could help to demonstrate your qualifications (video, references, etc.) to:

The Export Compliance Training Institute
Attn: Jill Kincaid, Manager
243-L Neff Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22801 USA

DDTC Wants You!



By: Danielle McClellan

The Department of State has posted job opportunities for Compliance Specialists. The salaries range from $58k to $127k: the posted openings can be accessed at

Just think you can hit the ground running by turning in your former company after you get the job!