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Census Department Introduces a New Online Export Filing Platform: the International Trade Data System


By: Brooke Driver

The Census Department recently alerted Automated Export System filers to a new AES related functionality on the horizon; this year, Census plans to release preparatory instructions for the International Trade Data System, a “single window” concept for export filing to be officially established by December 2016. The ITDS will allow exporters to continue to transmit the AES transactional data required by many U.S. executive departments and agencies and will streamline the overall reporting demands as other agencies that currently require paper submissions will begin to accept AES reports. In other words, the ITDS single window concept will enable exporters to save time and money by enabling them to submit electronic data one time in AES.

Commerce states that detailed instructions will be sent via email through the year to prepare the exporting community for the change, including information regarding:

  • The new electronic reporting capability for Environmental Protection Agency-regulated Hazardous Waste Exports
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s new electronic reporting capability for Automated Outbound Manifests

Other Government Agencies’ electronic reporting capabilities for regulated export items