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Smoking Hot: Proposed Changes to USML Categories I, II, and III


By: Rick Phipp

On top of the background buzz regarding the ZTE zigzag, the latest shoe has dropped in the ongoing export control reforms. Three shoes actually, since we can now read about the proposed move of certain items controlled in Categories I, II, and III on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) over to the Commerce Control List (CCL). Long awaited by U.S. gun and ammunition manufacturers and exporters, these proposed rules describe how articles the President determines no longer warrant control under USML would be controlled on the CCL and by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and describe more precisely articles warranting export and temporary import control on the USML.

As part of export control reforms under the Obama administration, the executive branch completed transfers of items in the following categories from the USML to the CCL and created Category XIX (gas turbine engines):

  • Category IV (launch vehicles, guided and ballistic missiles, rockets, torpedoes, bombs, and mines);
  • Category V (explosives and energetic materials, propellants, incendiary agents, and their constituents);
  • Category VI (surface vessels of war and special naval equipment);
  • Category VII (ground vehicles);
  • Category VIII (aircraft and related articles);
  • Category IX (military training equipment and training);
  • Category X (personal protective equipment);
  • Category XI (military electronics);
  • Category XII (fire control, laser, imaging, and guidance equipment);
  • Category XIII (materials and miscellaneous articles);
  • Category XIV (toxicological agents, including chemical agents, biological agents, and associated equipment);
  • Category XV (spacecraft and related articles);
  • Category XVI (nuclear weapons related articles);
  • Category XVIII (directed energy weapons); and
  • Category XX (submersible vessels and related articles).

Left remaining were changes to Categories I-III (firearms, close assault weapons and combat shotguns, guns and armament, and ammunition/ordnance).

Under the proposed rules published by BIS and the State Department, a number of new ECCNs are created to address transferred items and the relevant USML categories are revised to describe more precisely the articles warranting continued control on the USML. The interagency review process focused on identifying items that were either (i) inherently military and otherwise warranted control on the USML, or (ii) if of a type common to non-military firearms applications, possessed parameters or characteristics that provide a critical military or intelligence advantage to the U.S., and are almost exclusively available from the U.S. If one or both points were met, the article remained on the USML.  Essentially, commercial items widely available for purchase and less sensitive military items were transferred in the proposed rules. Links to the proposed rules are as follows: State Department and Commerce Department.

There will be a 45-day period following publication in the Federal Register in which the agencies will accept comments regarding the proposed rules. Exporters and manufacturers of articles currently controlled under USML Categories I-III should review the proposed rules to consider how they may be impacted. Comments may be submitted via the Federal eRulemaking Portal: or via email to with the subject line, “ITAR Amendment – Categories I, II, and III.”


BIS Corrects ECCNs 0D606, 0E606, and 8A609


Source: Federal Register

On December 27, 2017 BIS published a final rule (82 FR 61153) which made corrections to certain provisions of the EAR, including the CCL. The corrections were editorial in nature and did not affect any license requirements. In a nutshell, the original text in 0D606 and 0E606 was erroneously replaced with the text for 0D614 and 0E614. This rule fixes the issue and reinstates paragraph (2) of the Special Conditions for STA in 8A609.

ECCNs 0D606 and 0E606: The December 27 rule amended ECCN subparagraphs 0D606.a and 0E606.a to include references to ECCNs 0B606 and 0C606. During drafting, the License Requirements section and the text following the revised subparagraphs for both ECCNs was exchanged with the text for ECCNs 0D614 and 0E614, respectively. In order to follow the guidelines of the original preamble, this correction to the December 27 rule restores the original License Requirements section and the text of ECCNs 0D606 and 0E606 following subparagraph a in both ECCNs. In addition, this rule replaces the incorrect reference to 0D606 with 0E606 in the Special Conditions for STA of ECCN 0E606.

ECCN 8A609: The December 27 rule amended ECCN 8A609 by revising the title reference in these ECCNs to match the current title of § 740.20(g) and in doing so inadvertently removed paragraph (2) of the Special Conditions for STA. This rule restores paragraph (2) of the Special Conditions for STA in ECCN 8A609.

Federal Register: