(Source: census@subscriptions.census.gov, 22 February 2017.)

On July 28, 2016 and October 12, 2016, the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security published final rules (available at here and here) that became effective December 31, 2016. As a result of these rules, the following changes were made to the Automated Export System (AES) in order for exporters and authorized agents to successfully report electronic export information in the AES.
(1) The Addition of “600 series” Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN)

600-series ECCNs 1A607, 1B607, 1C607, 1D607, 1E607, 6B619, 6D619, 6E619, 7A611, 7B611, 7D611, and 7E611 were added to the AES ECCN reference table. See the following instructions to determine which “600 series” ECCNs are eligible for certain license types. By using any of the License Exceptions or “No License Required” (NLR), you are certifying that the terms, provisions, and conditions described in the EAR have been met.

  • C30 (BIS license), C40 (TMP), C41 (RPL), C42 (GOV), and C59 (STA) – All “600 series” ECCNs listed above are eligible to the extent permitted under part 740 of the EAR.
  • C33 (NLR) – All “600 series” ECCNs listed above are eligible only if exported to Canada. Some of these “600 series” items were previously authorized under an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Canadian exemption (SCA).
  • C35 (LVS) – The following “600 series” ECCNs are eligible: 1B607, 6B619, 7A611, and 7B611.
  • C44 (TSU) – The following “600 series” ECCNs are eligible: 1D607, 1E607, 6D619, 6E619,7D611, and 7E611.


If the “600 series” ECCNs are reported under any other license type, AES will generate a fatal error (FATAL ERR 666-ECCN MUST BE FROM APPROVED LIST) back to the filer. Please note that under 758.1 of the EAR, an AES filing is required for exports of items classified under “600 series” ECCNs, regardless of the value of the item or destination.
(2) Items subject to the EAR, including “600 series” ECCNs that are licensed by the State Department under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

Under a delegation of authority, the State Department may license an item subject to the EAR on an ITAR license pursuant to new section 120.5(b) of the ITAR. If this occurs, the AES filer must report the ECCN (including “600 series” ECCNs) or the EAR99 designation in the ECCN field in AES, even if the license type is S05 (DSP-5). All other fields associated with license type S05 are required, such as registration number, significant military equipment indicator, DDTC eligible party certification indicator, USML category code, DDTC unit of measure and DDTC quantity.

A complete list of all of the AES License Type codes and reporting instructions for these types can be found at here.

For questions regarding these upcoming AES changes, please contact the Bureau of Industry and Security by email at ECR_AES@bis.doc.gov or at one of the phone numbers below.

  • Office of Technology Evaluation (located in Washington, DC): (202) 482-4933
  • Outreach and Educational Services Division (located in Washington, DC): (202) 482-4811
  • Western Regional Office (located in Irvine, CA): (949) 660-0144
  • Northern California branch (located in San Jose, CA): (408) 998-8806