What is an e-Seminar?



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e-Seminars provide high-quality, in-depth training on complying with the United States EAR, ITAR, OFAC regulations.

They consist of the PowerPoint presentations shown at our live seminars alongside video instruction by a member of ECTI's current live seminar faculty (John Black and Scott Gearity). Our e-Seminars are broken down into 1-1.5 hour modules that can be started, stopped, or paused at any time. Simply click the play button to resume the e-Seminar where you left off making it easy to view between interruptions. e-Seminars are delivered to customers via USB drives that are shipped at no cost to the customer. View customer reviews.



Benefits of an e-Seminar:

  • No travel time or cost

  • Earn CLE credits or qualify for ECoP® Accreditation or renewal credits

  • No internet acess required...view on a plane while traveling

  • Training is viewed at your own pace

  • Training can be viewed as many times as the licensed viewer wishes over a 6 month period

  • Same training that live participants receive...but at half the cost.

  • Preview an e-Seminar