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Russia's Export Controls

If you’re currently (or hoping to be) doing business in any potentially controlled commodity sector in or with Russia, you need to be aware of, and prepared for, Russia’s export controls.

It puts the “RRR” in the “BRIC”, it is a top EU and USA trading partner, and it has an export control system that can be as complex as any other (if not more so)!  It’s the Russian Federation!  While China and India get a good deal of attention in the international export control and compliance arena, a lot has been happening in Russia’s system that could have implications for your company’s efforts to capitalize in this increasingly important industrial hub. Among the most critical developments have been the Russian government’s increased compliance obligations on businesses dealing with controlled goods and technologies, together with the enhanced auditing and on-site inspection powers of Russia’s export control agencies.  And let’s not forget those Russian encryption controls, which make encryption in even some of the more complicated countries look like “color by numbers”!

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