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Workshop: Building a Compliance Culture

Getting Buy-In and Setting Expectations
An open discussion to share challenges and best practices

Greg Creeser / ITC STRATEGIES and John Black / BSG CONSULTING

  • Dealing With and Delivering “Bad News”

    • Negative Jurisdiction or Classification Ruling

    • License Denial or Onerous Conditions/Provisos

    • Making Lemons into Lemonade: A Positive Spin on Bad News

  • Reporting Violations to Management

    • What Management Needs to Know

    • Possible Outcomes and Determining Root Causes

    • Corrective Action Plans and Resources

    • Voluntary Disclosure Considerations & Issues

  •  Dealing with Problem Employees: “Dr. Evil”

    • Developing Allies in the Business

    • Export Compliance Council

    • Delegating Responsibility

Every company can have a “Dr. Evil” -- that employee that makes your job much more difficult and whose actions can put you, and your company, at risk.  And the reality of the export compliance world is that ALL news is not GOOD news.  What sets a postive compliance culture apart from a negative one is how we handle the BAD news and the “Dr. Evils” that will eventually cross your path.  This workshop is an open discussion where you and your industry peers will share challenges and best practices, and ECTI’s instructors will offer practical advice on how to make everyone in your company work together for the collective good of your compliance program.

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