Is This Workshop For Me?

If you can answer "YES" to most of the following, you would be a great addition to our workshop group and would benefit greatly from the format and content:


  • I have been in the field of export controls for at least 2 years

  • I have a basic knowledge of what the EAR and ITAR regulations are and the government bodies responsible for administering them

  • I understand the basics of applying for an export license

  • I know what license exceptions and exemptions are, but want to be sure I'm using both as effectively as I can

  • I would like to get more information on current enforcement priorities and efforts from the US Government

  • I would like to understand when it is advisable to make a voluntary disclosure if I know or suspect that my company has committed a violation

  • I would like to understand my personal responsibility for violations - even if they are inadvertent

  • I want to truly understand the changes that have come from Export Control Reform, how I need to adapt my compliance practices and how I can use reform changes to my company's benefit

  • I want to understand the complexities and true meaning of "Specially Designed" and how it impacts my compliance practices

  • I want to enhance my knowledge of 600 Series and 9X515 ECCNs in the CCL and the importance of X and Y Paragraphs

  • I would benefit from hearing how my industry colleagues handle some of the more complex compliance challenges

  • I enjoy an interactive learning environment and hands-on exercises

  • I want to trust that I am getting the latest and most accurate information on export regulations

  • I want advice on gaining a solid commitment from my management on allocating resources for export compliance

  • I learn best from professional, dynamic instructors who can put complex information in easy-to-understand terms

  • I would like to learn how to handle difficult co-workers and situations and create a positive compliance culture

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