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Interactive Jurisdiction & Classification Workshop

  • The New Order of Review for Jurisdiction and Classification
  • "Specially Designed" in the EAR and ITAR
    • Understanding the Catches
    • Using the Releases
  • Understanding the Reformed USML Controls
  • Using the 600 Series and 9X515 ECCNs in the CCL
    • Importance of X and Y Paragraphs
    • Special Controls on Semi-Finished Items
  • Applying Other ECCNs in the CCL

This workshop will focus on the age-old challenge of making accurate determinations of the USML and CCL classification of your products and technologies. The bad news is that Export Control Reform made the rules for doing this more complicated than ever before. The goods news is that if you understand the rules, there is a good chance you will find the classifications have changed in a fashion that dramatically relaxes US export controls on your products and technologies. This workshop will provide attendees with a step-by-step approach; a repeatable methodology for determining the Jurisdiction and Classification of an item. We will work with you on some actual case studies and teach you how to determine whether an item is controlled by the USML (ITAR) or the CCL (EAR), then further determine where within the USML or CCL the item is properly controlled.

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