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US Trade Controls Impact on Non-US Companies

Company-wide Export Awareness Training for Companies Outside of the US.

Avoid devastating fines and penalties for violations that could have been easily prevented with general awareness training for your company's employees...

Many of your employees can have a direct impact on your company's export compliance practices...including sales, service, engineers, accounting, marketing, management and human resource departments. Though not directly involved with compliance practices, these employees can unknowingly break the law and create violations resulting in large fines, penalties and loss of export privileges.

United States trade control laws and regulations impact companies who use or resell US-origin products, components or technology.  The US Government can impose serious penalties for US and non-US companies who fail to comply with the extra-territorial US rules (including monetary fines, a loss of US Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any US items).

  The implications are complex...the solution is simple.  

  • Train large numbers of employees in a short period of time.

  • All company employees can become an asset to your compliance program...helping to identify potential compliance problems before a violation occurs.

  • In case of a violation, awareness training is documentation of the proactive compliance efforts of your company.

  • Our training is comprised of PowerPoint slides alongside a video of our expert and is approximately 57 minutes long.

  • Customized to include your company name, logo, and contact information for training related questions.

  • A short 5 question quiz can be added to your training at no additional cost.

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We provide the training to you as a .pdf and .html file on a USB drive where you can download the file(s) onto your company server or simply plug the training into your conference room computer and conduct the training in multiple sessions for your employees.

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Note: The purpose of this awareness training is to give employees an understanding of US export controls so they can recognize potential export compliance issues and avoid inadvertent violations. This training is not designed to train people to be experts in the rules.